Almost there! Final month of experiments

A look at the NR4W project to-date and what's next

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  • Participate in the Experiment
    There’s still time to join or host an NR4W experiment session, but just barely! We’re wrapping up the data-gathering phase within the next month.

  • Save the date!
    Join us January 24 to 26 to learn what we’ve discovered and kick-off 2024.

  • Changes ahead
    New platform, new approach, and new insights about the future of work.

* Bottom Line Up Front

Wrapping Up the Experiment

Wow, has it been a year already?

In September 2022, we confirmed our advisor group and launched a website.

Since then, you’ve joined us as we:

  • Jan 🥳 Kicked off 2023 with a whirlwind 3-day symposium.
    Speakers, workshops, tech, and so many sketch notes!

  • Feb 🖍️ Collaborated on the experiment design.
    Facilitators, subject matter experts, tech leaders, and researchers all contributed to the surveys and process we’re using to learn how a meeting’s location and tech impact results.

  • March…😴 🕰️😴 🕰️... June  
    Waited patiently as we secured Internal Review Board approval.

  • June - Sep 🥼 Experimented!
    Online, in-person, and hybrid groups have contributed data to this research project.

🙏 THANK YOU to all of you who’ve participated so far. It’s been a fascinating experience, and we’ve already learned so much.

A few of the NR4W contributors

While we’d LOVE ❤️ more data, it’s time to draw this experiment phase to a close. What this means for you:

  • Want to participate? Check out the schedule and register to join an upcoming session.

  • Want to facilitate? If you’ve participated before, enter your preferred dates here and we’ll get you set up.

  • Want to bring the experiment to your students, team, or community? Reply to this email and we’ll schedule it.

NR4W: Intent to Impact coming January 24 to 26

Get clarity. Get hands-on. Get tacos!

We’re thrilled to reveal the dates and location for our next event! In January, we’ll gather in Austin 🌮 AND ONLINE to dive into fresh experiment results, workplace trends, expert insights, and new technology.

Together, we’ll decode what it all means for teamwork in 2024, and draft personalized plans for putting these insights into practice.

Details and registration are coming soon. Mark your calendars!

Experiment, Learn, Improve: Time to Change it Up!

Dave and I didn’t know each other before this project. We’d never met. The entire thing began when we wondered if we could put together a different kind of experiment.

With happily fuzzy goals and cautious curiosity, we wondered our way into an incredible 19-month learning journey. The New Rules for Work project now involves nearly 1,000 people (including you!), all bringing their unique wisdom to the mix.

We also continue to operate our separate businesses, where we work with clients and innovators. There, we see the real-world implications of the changing nature of work, and WOW. It’s - a lot.

By bringing what we’re learning through the NR4W project into our client work, we’ve discovered several golden practices that make it easier for teams to surf these waves of change without drowning.

Now that our data-gathering roles are coming to an end, we’re eager to share these insights with you.

What to Expect from this Newsletter

Going forward, you can expect:

  • Email about two times per week, starting next week.
    (Can you tell we’re using a new platform? Let us know how you like it.)

  • Insights and interviews. We’re connecting with the front runners who are out there mapping the uncharted waters of work, and sharing their insights with you. Watch for the first of these in late October.

  • MVCs - Minimal viable collaboration techniques. Simple, golden practices that help teams quickly align and make progress in an overwhelming world.

  • Conversation guides. 
    Instructions for leading your team through the important conversations you need to have as you transition into new ways of working.

And of course, updates about the NR4W experiment results and events!

Excited to explore what’s next with you,
Elise & Dave

Join us in Austin to pick up new skills, new friends,
and a fabulous new hat!

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